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Can Epic customize your BigCommerce
theme the way that you want it?Yes, we can!

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Quick turn-around-time

We customize your BigCommerce theme with fast service and satisfaction guaranteed.

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Modify Theme design

We customize your BigCommerce theme by changing its look, feel, and functionality to suit your unique brand.

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Add custom functionality

We customize the backend of your BigCommerce theme to provide a more customized experience as per your business requirements.

Customization Services

Get a BigCommerce theme that exactly suits your needs and meets your specific brand requirements. Let's build something brilliant together!


A suite of BigCommerce apps all in one app to give you more control over your website and help you sell more online.

Control your deliveries, pick up and shipping

Smart Email Marketing for online businesses

Gain a loyalty following by offering money back rewards

Email & Exit Popups, Announcements, Banners & More

Make more sales through product control and upsells

Design your website the way you wanted it to look like

Company based in United States

Our support includes advice on using our themes, including questions about the customization settings and features. We are also here to help if you encounter any bugs with our themes that occur as a result of the modifications/changes of the theme functions.

We've been a BigCommerce Premium Partner over 12 years!
(888) 498-5361

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